About us
Speed King was established in 1990, but it functions on 20 years of experience in Clearing & Forwarding, Transportation, Handling, and other allied businesses.   The hard work put in by its founder, Mr.  Mr,Ali Arsad for the last two decades make Speed King one of the leading C&F Agents in Bangladesh.   The firm's offices are located in major export/import zones of the country and manned by the best of professionals in the trade having vast knowledge in the field, especially in that of handling capital machinery and equipments for projects.   Years of good liaison and 'know -how' gives Speed King the potential to handle particularly heavy or difficult cargoes, as proven by the firm's successful carrying, handling of non-modular machinery and equipments weighing up to 100 tons for various industries.   The client is the ultimate beneficiary of the efficiency and swiftness that Speed King offers and it continues to look forward in keeping up its standard of superior service and customers satisfaction that has given it the right to claim itself "THE Efficient C&F agent". more